ANKARA (Ümitköy) Temsilciliği

About Us :)


                Kids Aloud Ankara – Ümitköy branch of British Cultural Association is now in your service.

About our education system

                Kids Aloud Ümitköy offers activities and programmes which support self-improvement of the children while teaching English by using special techniques in its specially decorated building which has been prepared in a way that improves curiosity and imagination of the children.

In our school, classes and activities are conducted in different class (such as village room,tale room,sea room) and a different atmosphere on each day. By this way, children have the opportunity to get familiar with different environments and different forms of life.

                In our kinder garden, there are two teachers in each classroom at the same time. One of them is a pre-school teacher and the other one is an English teacher. English teachers do all the activities together with pre-school teachers and speak in Turkish for our English teachers in the school.

                Like other British Cultural Association kinder gardens, Kids Aloud Ümitköy aims to raise children with full of love who examine the world and do not afraid of asking questions about it.

               In our kinder garden, English language education is based on the standards of mainly aims to teach the language English at B1 level to the students who are between the ages 3-6 until their graduation in a way that they can never forget the language.

                English language education is based on the standards of European Union.This education is documented with European Language Portfolio (ELP).

Artist, Musician and Sculptor Programmes

                Fine arts have a big role to improve children’s sense of aesthetics and to reveal and develop the talents they have. They will learn while they are playing with paints, mud and tunes.

                In our musician programme, piano classes are given to all the students for free. There is a private piano in each class for our students.

Astronaut and Scientist Programmes

                In our kindergarten, the children will be able to realize their own personalities and skills with the help of our astronaut and scientist programmes. They will do enjoyable experiments and researches.